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Q Can I collect from you?
Q Can a discount code be applied after my order has been placed?
Q Can I just check for product and pricing to choose which stores have the best price?
Q Can I make a purchase on behalf on my family or friend in another city or country and have them pick up the products?
Q Can I send my shopping list to a friend or family to pick up after I make the online payment.
Q Can I purchase products through Shoppersmist?
Q Can I update my listing?
Q Conflict and Resolution Center
Q Do I have to log out from shoppersmist social shopping page and sign in to shoppersmist homepage is I want to access it from my social shopping profile?
Q Once you are already signed in on Shoppersmist social shopping you will be able to also open the homepage as well without signing in again. All you have to do is open a tab on top on your browser that says shoppersmist homepage and you will be redirected
Q Do you have a physical ("brick & mortar") store?
Q Do you ship internationally?
Q How can I become a Shoppersmist sales Representative.
Q How can I contact Customer Support?
Q How can i create more wishlist folders?
Q How can I email my shopping list to my friends/ Family?
Q How can I invite more friends and family to join me on my shoppersmist social shopping live?
Q How can I move a photo to a different folder?
Q How can I process an order?
Q How can I share my activity on Shoppersmist social shopping on my other social media sites?
Q How can I visit my shoppersmist social shopping profile without visiting the main home page shoppersmist.?
Q How can I write for shoppersmist?
Q How do I access my account?
Q How do I add the Shoppersmist tab to my Facebook page?
Q How do I cancel my order?
Q How do I delete my wishlist?
Q How do I delete photos from my wishlist?
Q How do I edit comments on photos in my wishlist?
Q How do I find my messages?
Q How do I get reviews on shoppersmist?
Q How do I make my products more discoverable?
Q How do I make my Wishlist and ideal gift registry private?
Q How do I print, email or share my wishlist?
Q How do I request a quotation for pricing or availability?
Q How do I see and answer customer questions?
Q How do I sell my products on Shoppersmist?
Q How do I stop my activity from posting to Facebook?
Q How do I submit a design project to be featured on shoppersmist?
Q How do I turn device notifications on or off?
Q How do I update my credit card?
Q How do I update my email address?
Q How do I update or reset my password?
Q How do I upload Product photos?
Q I am unable to sign in. What should I do?
Q I made a mistake when I placed my order - how do I contact the Seller?
Q I'm not receiving the shoppersmist newsletter. What should I do?
Q What can I do if I made a mistake and email my invoice number to a wrong friend and family?
Q What happens when an order fails to charge?
Q What is the Shoppersmist Message Centre?
Q What may sellers include in messages to Shoppersmist customers?
Q Where can I view my professional projects?
Q Who is responsible for shipping?
Q Who sets Price on Shoppersmist?
Q Why does my credit card statement show a "recurring" charge from Shoppersmist?


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